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Welcome to The Poozycat Project

The Poozycat Project exists only to feed your soul and hopefully brighten your days with a daily parade of feline imagery and videos six days a week, Monday through Saturday. On Sunday I watch sports, eat fatty snax and scratch myself luxuriously. There's nothing for you to upload here, no obnoxious comments to ignore and definitely no Liking or Upvoting. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I got this.

I don't accept tips and there is no advertising at The Project save for a modest collection of advertiser links way down at the bottom of the page. If you'd care to advertise on The Poozycat Project please contact me at and I'll surprise you with my absurdly reasonable price list.


Whither The Poozycat Project?

Way back in 2001 I found an image online of a cat growling at another cat's image in a monitor. I turned that image into a web site and thus the Infinite Cat Project was born. The concept proved popular with cat lovers and over the ensuing 19 years it grew into a sprawling behemoth. It grew to encompass art about cats, videos about cats, games featuring cats, poetry, comics, music, stories, cat health tips for cat owners, and anything else about cats I could conceivably squeeze onto a web page.

What happened to the Infinite Cat Project?

Long story short, after 20 years I felt that the site needed someone to ensure its longevity in these virus-filled times, someone who would not only grow the concept but improve on its technology. The ICP is now legally in the hands of new owners who, sadly, have completely underwhelmed me with their utilization of the source material. (The transaction was so rapid that I didn't have time to say "Goodbye" to all of the visitors to the ICP, so this site is sort of a "Hello, again!")  To be honest, the new owners obviously acquired the ICP for the multitudinous backlinks and cared about little else. Color me disparaged.

The Infinite Cat Project may be history but the need to wade hip deep through the wonderful world of the kittehs retained its strong pull on my mind and my heart and thus The Poozycat Project was born, a sort of Infinite Cat Project Lite. It offers the basics of art, videos, comics and pictures of cute kitties but the future for expansion is limitless.

(The Infinite Cat Project yet lives on the Internet Archive. You can find it here.)

(Note: You can also find a mirror of the Infinite Cats here, at least for now. You can click through the cats one-by-one but don't click the "Infinite Cat" logo at the center top as it'll take you to the Internet Archive.)

The one feature I regret that I am unable to offer here are the cat-themed games. Almost all of the games I featured on the old ICP were Flash-based and 2020 is the final year in which Flash files will function in modern browsers. And, no, there was no sane or semi-legal way to convert them to acceptable file types. So to those who miss "Stack the Cats" or "Cat Bowling" you have my deepest condolences.

And if you're wondering about the "poozycat" element of this website's name it's more than just a reference to cats in general. It's in honor of the best cat a man could have been owned by, one who crossed her rainbow bridge in 2015. And so, I present to you the one, the only, "Da Pooz".

poozycat in curlers
And, yes, she loved playing the "sticky" game.