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September 23, 2023: "Places to look: behind the books in the bookshelf, any cupboard with a gap too small for any cat to squeeze through, the top of anything sheer, under anything too low for a cat to squash under and inside the piano." - Roseanne Ambrose-Brown

two faced cat

A Moment of Feline Zen: "I don't suffer from schizophrenia. We quite enjoy it. And so does he."

dog and cat comic
Fabulous Feline Funnies
Today's Kitty Video: The Amazing Human Cat-Tree!
butterflies cat art
Cat Culture: "Butterflies In the Stomach" by Heidi Taillefer.
Cat News & Notes for September 18-23, 2023.
How about some cat bowling?
(Note: Not smartphone friendly. Requires keyboard to play. Sorry.)

cat bowling
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