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Poozycat Project Archives for March 8-13, 2021
March 8, 2021: "A black cat dropped soundlessly from a high wall, like a spoonful of dark treacle, and melted under a gate." - Elizabeth Lemarchand
white cat sleeping on woman's face
Your Moment of Feline Zen: The purr-fect anti-viral mask.
pillow fort cat comic
Today's Kitty Comic
Today's Kitty Video: Thai sailors save cats trapped on sinking ship.
vintage cat postcard
Today's Cat Culture: Vintage cat postcard.

March 9, 2021: "Cats are a mysterious kind of folk- there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of." - Sir Walter Scott
cat on owner's shoulder
Your Moment of Feline Zen: When push comes to shove.
cat with toy comic
Today's Kitty Comic
Today's Kitty Video: Kittens vs. mirrors.
high heel cat shoe
Today's Cat Culture: Cat shoe. Designer unknown.

March 10, 2021: "But buds will be roses, and kittens, cats, - more's the pity." - Louisa May Alcott
two white cats hugging
Your Moment of Feline Zen: Safe at home.
cats sit on things comic
Today's Kitty Comic
Today's Kitty Video: Making a wool felt cat.
cat rug
Today's Cat Culture: Cat rug. Designer unknown.

March 11, 2021: "Cat Heaven and Mouse Hell are probably the same place." Ron-Paul-Swanson
work at home cat
Your Moment of Feline Zen: "Oh, no. It's Janice and her damn Girl Scout cookies again."
lion sex comic
Today's Kitty Comic
Today's Kitty Video: Fish food for felines.
cat shaving art
Today's Cat Culture: "Cat Shaving" by Danial Ryan.

March 12, 2021: "Cats loyalty is so under-appreciated. They can smell drugs just as good as dogs but they ain't snitches." - AzillipsPT
cat hiding in box
Your Moment of Feline Zen: "Watching. Alll-ways watching."
cat eat barf comic
Today's Kitty Comic
Today's Kitty Video: A Cat's Tail.
cat with fish tattoo art
Today's Cat Culture: "Buddhist Cat" by Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura.

March 13, 2021: "The most effective alarm clock in the world is your cat throwing up on the rug." - pirpirpir
cat picture on cat food package
Your Moment of Feline Zen: "Who? Me? I'm not him."
cat reincarnation comic
Today's Kitty Comic
Today's Kitty Video: "Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow-snow-snow-snow-snow!"
raining cats art
Today's Cat Culture: "Raining Cats". Artist unknown.
Cat News & Notes for March 8-13, 2021.
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